Invited Speakers

Category A: Novel optical materials/structure and applications

  • Zijian Cui(Shanghai Institute of Optics and Fine Mechanics)

    (Tentative) High-peak-power picosecond deep-UV laser sources

  • Karol Bartosiewicz(Kazimierz Wielki University)

    Crystal chemistry of garnets: where is a boundary between the fast scintillator and persistent phosphor?

  • Valentin Petrov(Max Born Institute)

    Tm and Ho host materials for sub-100 fs mode-locked 2-micron lasers

Category B: High average power lasers and applications

  • Clara Saraceno(Ruhr-Universität Bochum)

    High power ultrafast lasers for THz generation

  • Akifumi Yogo(Institute of Laser Engineering, Osaka University)

    (Tentative) State-of-the-art of 100 Hz repeatable power laser module at Osaka University

Category C: High peak power lasers, high pulse energy lasers and applications

  • Yang Hwan Kim(Center for Relativistic Laser Science (CoReLS), Institute for Basic Science (IBS))

    (Tentative) High harmonic generation in CWE and ROM regimes

  • Ioan Dancus(Extreme Light Infrastructure – Nuclear Physics)

    (Tentative) 2 x 10 PW capability Ti:sapphire laser and its application

  • Jonathan Tyler Green(ELI Beamlines, Czecch Republic)

    (Tentative) Development of the L2-DUHA laser at ELI Beamlines

  • Issa Tamer(Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory)

    (Tentative) Development of scalable high energy diode-pumped 2µm Tm:YLF amplifier technology

Category D: Novel solid state / fiber / diode lasers and applications

  • Haohai Yu(Shandong University, China)

    Multiphonon-assisted lasing beyond the fluorescence spectrum

  • Carlo Liberale(King Abdullah University of Science and Technology)

    3D printed micro opticcs and fibers

  • Chunyu Guo(Shenzhen University)

    High-power Mid-infrared ultrafast fiber lasers

  • John Ballato(Clemson University)

    Novel fiber optic materials for reducing nonlinearity

  • Maria Chernysheva(Leibniz Institute of Photonics Technology)

    Self-mode-locking and filterless tuneability mechanisms in Tm-doped fibre lasers

Category E: Short wavelength light sources and applications

  • Oscar Versolato(Advanced Research Center for Nanolithography (ARCNL))

    Recent progress of a laser-produced plasma for state-of-the-art EUV nanolithography

  • Reinhard Dörner(Goethe-Universität)

    Photoionization beyond the dipole approximation: The role of the photon momentum and zeptosecond birth time delays

Category F: Terahertz devices, nonlinear optics and applications

  • M. Hassan Arbab(Stony Brook University)

    Terahertz Portable HAndheld Spectral Reflection (PHASR) Scanners for polarimetric imaging of large field-of-views in a few seconds

  • Michele Cito(NICT)

Category G: Novel optical devices, metamaterials, structure and applications

  • Masaaki Ono(NTT)

    (Tentative)All-optical switching with graphene-loaded plasmonic waveguides

  • Yong-Hoon Cho(KAIST)

    Room Temperature Whispering Gallery Polariton Condensation and Non-Hermition Polaritonic System with GaN Single Microrod

Category H: Optical devices and techniques for bio and medical applications

  • Michelle Sander(Boston University)

    Label-free imaging by photo-thermal effect using fiber lasers

  • Mikako Ogawa(Hokkaido University)

    Activation of compounds in vivo using light

Category I: Optical frequency combs / Frequency stabilized lasers and applications

  • Thomas R Schibli(University of Colorado)

    Photonic microwave generation and characterization with optical frequency comb (tentative)

  • Youngjin Kim(KAIST)

    Frequency-comb-referenced multi-scale precision metrology: from kilometers to sub-nanometers

  • Emily Caldwell(NIST)

    A Time Programmable Frequency Comb for Quantum Limited Sensing (tentative)

  • Kai Ni(Tsinghua University)

    Digital error correction method for dual-comb system (tentative)

  • Bachana Lomsadze(Santa Clara University)

    Applications of frequency comb-based multidimensional coherent spectroscopy (tentative)

Category J: Quantum optics and their applications

  • Yasuyuki Ozeki(University of Tokyo)

    Quantum enhancement for molecular-vibrational microscopy

  • Lee A. Rozema(University of Vienna)

    Quantum Foundations with Active Elements: From Maxwell’s Demon to Indefinite Causal Order

ALPS-HEDS-XOPT Joint Session

  • Michal Košelja(ELI Beamlines, Czech Republic)

    Development of large size single crystals for High Power Lasers