The 13th Advanced Lasers and Photon Sources (ALPS2024) covers the recent progress of lasers and photon sources in the following major topical fields;

  • Novel optical materials/structure and applications:

    Laser crystal/ceramics/glass, crystal/glass fiber, nonlinear crystal, waveguide, photonic structure, nano/micro cavity, scintillators, semiconductor (detector), and their applications, etc.

  • High average power lasers and applications:

    Solid state lasers, fiber lasers, semiconductor lasers, pulse shaping, pulse synthesizing, beam combining, and their applications, etc.

  • High peak power lasers, high pulse energy lasers and applications:

    Ultrashort-pulse lasers, high intensity lasers, high field phenomena, high harmonic generation, attosecond pulses, quantum beam generation (electrons, ions, and secondary particles such as positrons, neutrons, isotopes), and their applications, etc.

  • Novel solid state / fiber / diode lasers and applications:

    High power fiber lasers, laser diodes and their applications, etc.

  • Short wavelength light sources and applications:

    X-ray free electron lasers, plasma x-ray lasers, hard x-ray and gamma ray sources, UV/VUV sources and their applications, etc.

  • Terahertz devices, nonlinear optics and applications:

    Nonlinear optical materials, frequency conversion, THz photonics/devices/sources, Quantum optics, and their applications, etc.

  • Novel optical devices, materials, structure and applications:

    Optical devises and metamaterials, quantum metamaterials, plasmonics, and their fabrication, characterization, and applications, etc.

  • Optical devices and techniques for bio and medical applications:

    Linear and nonlinear microscopy, imaging and tomography, clinical diagnostics, photodynamic therapy, etc.

  • Optical frequency combs / Frequency stabilized lasers and applications:

    Optical frequency combs, frequency stabilized lasers, and their applications, etc.

  • Quantum optics and their applications:

    Fundamental quantum optics, Quantum information, Quantum communication, Quantum computation, Quantum photonics, Single photon source, Coherent quantum control and their applications, etc.